Being a teenager is a very difficult time in life. Man then undergoes huge changes, both physical and mental. Particularly difficult moments are experienced by teenagers who have problems with weight and figure. Pressure from peers and ubiquitous media (including social media) promoting fashion for a super slim figure causes them to make various, often desperate and dangerous to health, attempts to lose weight. So that this does not end in a disaster, it is worth knowing how to lose weight for teens.

First of all, it should be remembered that adolescence is a time when the human body undergoes big changes. Hormones go crazy, there are problems with the complexion, hair, sometimes also the figure. It is extremely important during this period to provide the body with everything it needs for proper development. Therefore, any strict elimination diet is categorically contraindicated during this period. The body of a teenager must develop properly so that his organs can work properly and develop all the functions that he will need in adulthood.

Therefore, the basis for maintaining the correct weight should be, above all, movement and physical activity. Teenagers should play sports several times a week and move regularly. It is worth noting that nowadays sport no longer just means boring lessons in the trail. There are a lot of interesting, fashionable activities to encourage young people. It can be a team game (football, volleyball or basketball), swimming, surfing, skiing or ice skating. Running, cycling or inline skating can be a lot of fun. Even yoga or Pilates, although certainly less intense, will definitely help to improve the figure and condition of every teenager.

When it comes to diet, you should avoid eliminating important nutrients from your diet. The body of a teenager needs both proteins and fats and sugars. The diet should consist primarily of a large amount of vegetables and fruits, simple and unprocessed products. It is worth ensuring that it is balanced going to a dietitian who will advise you on what to pay special attention to. Certainly, a great support for a teenager would be if the whole family changed their diet – then giving up some unhealthy foods will certainly be less painful. In any case, avoid products containing large amounts of sugar and fat, sweets, fast food and carbonated drinks.

It should be remembered that in the case of a teenager sudden weight loss is not recommended. This process should take place gradually and slowly, without radical steps such as fasting or very exhausting exercises. Especially in the case of young girls, this can cause serious hormonal disorders that can later affect their entire adult life, even taking into account issues related to the possibility of having children.

How to reconcile health and good figure – diet for teens

For teenagers who are obese or overweight, support from parents and guardians is extremely important. To a large extent, it depends on adults whether the teenager will focus only on his weight and appearance, or whether he will be able to appreciate the other qualities he has – intelligence, sense of humor, etc. Focusing on appearance, especially when he is not ideal, it can lead to serious mental disorders with anorexia and bulimia at the forefront.

Let us remember that it is not a good idea to downplay the child’s problems. Saying “cool, it will pass sometime, you will stop growing and you will lose weight” or “you don’t have any more serious problem?” will not cause that the teenager will magically stop worrying. On the contrary, he will probably begin to solve his own problem without informing his parents about it, starving himself or using harmful, sometimes illegal medicine.

Knowledge is also very important. The Knowledge that there are no magic ways to lose weight in a week or month, and rapid weight loss can be dangerous. The knowledge that the key to a healthy and slim figure is consistency, both in good, healthy food, as well as active act. And the knowledge that health is much more important than being slim and beautiful.


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