Cookies are files that are stored on your computer when a page is available to make sure that the user gets the best experience of the page being visited. It is also to be noted that cookies provide experience as files are saved to the system and for the same reason the server or systems have remote access to content and browsing history on the system. Cookies are files that are shared by both mobile phones and desktops and this guide is about cookies on iPhone and their removal to make sure browsing is safe and secure. How to clear cookies on iPhone?

Erasing history, cache and cookies

How to erase information on your device:

  • To delete history and cookies, tap Settings> Safari and tap Erase history and website data. Clearing your history, cookies and browsing data in Safari will not modify the data automatically filled in forms.
  • To delete cookies and keep history, tap Settings> Safari> Advanced> Site data and tap Delete all site data.
  • You can turn on private browsing to prevent websites you visit from history.

When there is no history data or sites to erase, the appropriate setting is grayed out. This setting can also be grayed out if you have enabled access restrictions for website content in the Restrict content and privacy section of the Screen Time option.

How to clear cookies on iPhone?

What makes cookies on the iPhone?

There are several reasons to make sure cookies are created and stored on the system. Here are some of the reasons that are related to the idea:

  1. Web browsing. This is the most common phenomenon that ensures that the user gets the best and most modern Internet experience. To make it happen that almost all parts of the world make sure cookies are saved on the device that is browsing their website.
  2. On the one hand, websites make sure that cookies are created on the system but it should be noted that all websites are not the same and therefore a policy that regulates rules and regulations is the main task that ensures that the cookie or to be created or not.
  3. It is also one of the factors that enable devices as well as websites to create cookies on the system and for the same reason, it should be noted that the user should enable or disable cookies so that privacy can be protected. It is said due to the fact that in the past the cookie factor has led to a lot of controversy and for the same reason users are more interested in this idea when it comes to cookies.
  4. To make sure that the user gets the best experience Information sharing is also an idea that leads to the creation of a cookie on the website. It is also noted that this idea is sometimes used to make sure that internal security as well as the general idea of ​​defense is protected and hence it is also used by the military as well as intelligence intentionally to make sure that national interests are protected in this regard.



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